Well Oiled!

Posted on Mar 15, 2013

Olive oil is part of the staple diet for many across the Mediterranean and after spending three days in Trieste at the Olio Capitale, I can now begin to appreciate why.

First stop was the olive oil bar where we were taught to taste the oils and how to recognise the different flavours that are offered.  My first impression was the variety of tastes from sweet, bitter to highly peppery which would make anyone’s taste buds smile and bounce with enthusiasm.  Who wouldn’t want to add such lovely oils to their salads and vegetables?

From over 150 oil producers, many still using olive groves planted many generations ago, it was lovely to see so many farmers committed to preserving a lifelong tradition of producing a good olive oil.  Many do not produce large amounts in terms of number of litres per annum, but what they do have is the result of care and meticulous detail,  ending up with the highest quality olive oil they can offer.

We sampled extra virgin olive oil from many regions across Italy, including DOP and IGP varieties and many committed to organic and slow food values as well.

We felt that rather like wine, extra virgin olive oil needs to be given a pedestal on which to sit, which gives it the glory it so rightly deserves.

My advice to anyone buying olive oil would be to seek out those oils which are produced by farms and co-operatives committed to preserving the quality of their olive oil.

The highest quality oil will, of course, come at a premium price but this oil will offer you higher levels of polythenols and antioxidants which are now considered by many to be an important contribution to lowering the risk of a heart attack.

So, we can conclude that by keeping our bodies “well oiled” through choosing to add aquality olive oil to our daily diets can only be a good thing!!


A large range of olive oils is offered from The Food Resource, to book a tasting please call Mandy on 07715 104936

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating …

Posted on Dec 12, 2012

This being a very old proverb, dating back to the 14th Century, it is doubtful a pudding would have been a delicious sticky toffee substance but more of a savoury dish and, in fact from my research, could have been some sort of sausage?!

So our week of tasting and testing Iberico burgers, sausages, meatballs and ribs could rightly fit the description of pudding!

On this beautiful cold, crisp morning I contemplate how our week of Iberico tasting has gone.

I’ve eaten and cooked lots of pork, it being a family favourite, since the days of my father coming home with seven (I’m part of a large family) pork chops for dinner. The perk of being from a family of high class butchers is that we got to taste and eat good meat and was frequently told “always shop for good sausages.”

So, with this in mind we were all keen to see what all the fuss is about with Iberico fresh pork.

We began our tastings with a “hamburger”, not as we know it, but a real “hamburger”made with Iberico pork which tasted great and (I am told) is also good for me.  Due to the strict feeding controls Iberico pork has high levels of oleic acid, normally found in olive oil and therefore ticks the healthy Mediterranean diet concept we hear so much about.  This is great news, a healthy burger to meet the demands of the expanding burger market. We loved it and the children did too!

Iberico pork has a distinctive taste and cooks and eats well. For pork fans, this is the one to try.

The meatballs cooked beautifully, the sausages had a continental twist, well after all they are from Spain and the marinated ribs were tasty.  We are now looking forward to tasting some of the popular cuts and for me, I can’t wait to taste the tenderloin!

So, going back to how I started …. The proof …. is in the eating!

I thought I knew how pork tastes, but Iberico is in a different realm altogether and I am pleased I took the plunge to challenge my taste buds with a different sort of pork!

If you would like to check out the pudding … please call Mandy at The Food Resource on 07715 104936 and say Iberico please!

Read more about Iberico Fresh Pork Meats at the Food Resource Here

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Going for gold

Posted on Sep 21, 2012

I wonder how many of you have spent larger amounts of time than usual glued to the television watching with pride as Great Britain gain medal after medal…

Well, I have and it has also given my household the chance to chomp our way through many of the delicious charcuterie ranges we are selling.

Last week the gold went to a new Italian prosciutto seasoned with sea salt, delicious on its own, wrapper round melon or served with some stuffed almond olives on the side.

This week, however, the gold medal goes to the mini salami. I have placed one on a wooden board and watched how various members and visitors to the house have sliced a small piece then slice after slice, the relay went on.

It seems as though Caula have really got it right this time. A great snacking size salami which has been rolled in black pepper or herbs. With the casing removed it makes both slicing and eating easier. Delicious on its own, served with a glass of wine, use as a pizza topping or make tasty sandwiches, the list goes on.

Great picnic food and I, certainly will be packing a couple to snack on as we set off on holiday next week.

A close silver was awarded to the tapas range. So easy, just open and serve. Different varieties consisting of ham, olives and cheese, chorio, ham and olives, ham, chorizo and fuet – so easy rip off the top and serve with some crusty bread – all set to GO on yet another snacking delight!

So you will see it is not only the atheletes that have excelled in winning themselves some medals but some of our suppliers too!!

Are they any charcuterie products you think deserve a special mention and even, an accredited gold medal?!


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Lactose Free Pesto should be available to all!

Posted on Oct 24, 2011

With an increasing rate of those with special dietary needs, especially children whom need to be encouraged to eat a wide range of foods, it is becoming more necessary to offer products that meet these requirements, whilst maintaining flavour and quality.

Read all about it here

Here at The Food Resource we pride ourselves on recognising these gaps in the market, sourcing merchandise and making it accessible to the public.

This is where lactose-free pesto sauce fits in! Not only is it made without cheese, and therefore suitable for those intolerant to lactose but it is also made from fresh, non-pasteurised ingredients.

The company who have created this wonderful pesto have products sold throughout the Italian supermarkets and are looking to share their recipes with the world! They have been leading production of pesto and sauces since the 70’s and with the new editions of Francesco’s Pesto with Tartufo (Truffle) or with Pistachio, they are widening the choices. They pride their pesto on its basil: Basil Genovese D.O.P, which is harvested while the leaves are still small, retaining their aroma created by the beautifully climatic region of its origin. The combination of the finest Genoese Basil D.O.P and the freshest ingredients makes this a ‘must-have’ buy for those pasta lovers. 

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UK Govt aims to reduce salt intake in our diet by 2012

Posted on Sep 2, 2011

The Food Resource launches a range of healthy cured meats, lower in salt and fat, at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair, London (4-6 Sep 2011) in support of UK Government’s and health officials’ recommendations that we should cut down on our salt and fat intake.

Launching a range of reduced sodium prosciutto and salami.

Mandy Collins, The Food Resource said “we all want to enjoy our favourite foods and this range of cured meats offers consumers, the much loved taste of the Mediterranean, with far less salt and fat.”

As today’s press has announced the Government are committed to reducing the amount of salt in our diet by 2012 and The Food Resource are leading the way with a new range of cured meats targeted at helping with this.

The maximum recommendation of salt intake per day for an adult is 6g and if we are to achieve this figure then companies need to source and offer foods which have been produced with salt content considered.

Contact: Mandy Collins, The Food Resource

For further information please contact Mandy Collins on 07715 104936, 01444 220044 or by email


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