With an increasing rate of those with special dietary needs, especially children whom need to be encouraged to eat a wide range of foods, it is becoming more necessary to offer products that meet these requirements, whilst maintaining flavour and quality.

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Here at The Food Resource we pride ourselves on recognising these gaps in the market, sourcing merchandise and making it accessible to the public.

This is where lactose-free pesto sauce fits in! Not only is it made without cheese, and therefore suitable for those intolerant to lactose but it is also made from fresh, non-pasteurised ingredients.

The company who have created this wonderful pesto have products sold throughout the Italian supermarkets and are looking to share their recipes with the world! They have been leading production of pesto and sauces since the 70’s and with the new editions of Francesco’s Pesto with Tartufo (Truffle) or with Pistachio, they are widening the choices. They pride their pesto on its basil: Basil Genovese D.O.P, which is harvested while the leaves are still small, retaining their aroma created by the beautifully climatic region of its origin. The combination of the finest Genoese Basil D.O.P and the freshest ingredients makes this a ‘must-have’ buy for those pasta lovers.