Olive oil is part of the staple diet for many across the Mediterranean and after spending three days in Trieste at the Olio Capitale, I can now begin to appreciate why.

First stop was the olive oil bar where we were taught to taste the oils and how to recognise the different flavours that are offered.  My first impression was the variety of tastes from sweet, bitter to highly peppery which would make anyone’s taste buds smile and bounce with enthusiasm.  Who wouldn’t want to add such lovely oils to their salads and vegetables?

From over 150 oil producers, many still using olive groves planted many generations ago, it was lovely to see so many farmers committed to preserving a lifelong tradition of producing a good olive oil.  Many do not produce large amounts in terms of number of litres per annum, but what they do have is the result of care and meticulous detail,  ending up with the highest quality olive oil they can offer.

We sampled extra virgin olive oil from many regions across Italy, including DOP and IGP varieties and many committed to organic and slow food values as well.

We felt that rather like wine, extra virgin olive oil needs to be given a pedestal on which to sit, which gives it the glory it so rightly deserves.

My advice to anyone buying olive oil would be to seek out those oils which are produced by farms and co-operatives committed to preserving the quality of their olive oil.

The highest quality oil will, of course, come at a premium price but this oil will offer you higher levels of polythenols and antioxidants which are now considered by many to be an important contribution to lowering the risk of a heart attack.

So, we can conclude that by keeping our bodies “well oiled” through choosing to add aquality olive oil to our daily diets can only be a good thing!!


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