I wonder how many of you have spent larger amounts of time than usual glued to the television watching with pride as Great Britain gain medal after medal…

Well, I have and it has also given my household the chance to chomp our way through many of the delicious charcuterie ranges we are selling.

Last week the gold went to a new Italian prosciutto seasoned with sea salt, delicious on its own, wrapper round melon or served with some stuffed almond olives on the side.

This week, however, the gold medal goes to the mini salami. I have placed one on a wooden board and watched how various members and visitors to the house have sliced a small piece then slice after slice, the relay went on.

It seems as though Caula have really got it right this time. A great snacking size salami which has been rolled in black pepper or herbs. With the casing removed it makes both slicing and eating easier. Delicious on its own, served with a glass of wine, use as a pizza topping or make tasty sandwiches, the list goes on.

Great picnic food and I, certainly will be packing a couple to snack on as we set off on holiday next week.

A close silver was awarded to the tapas range. So easy, just open and serve. Different varieties consisting of ham, olives and cheese, chorio, ham and olives, ham, chorizo and fuet – so easy rip off the top and serve with some crusty bread – all set to GO on yet another snacking delight!

So you will see it is not only the atheletes that have excelled in winning themselves some medals but some of our suppliers too!!

Are they any charcuterie products you think deserve a special mention and even, an accredited gold medal?!