Gone are the days when cheese was cheese, we are now able to purchase cheese made with cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, buffalo milk and even no milk at all!  In their efforts to innovate, cheese manufacturers are now offering a selection of flavoured cheeses to add to the cheeseboard.

What about colourful cheese though?  We are all used to the blue cheeses, but how do we feel if red and green cheeses were now to feature? Great for Christmas or to create colour, but surely the debate is not how they look but how they taste!  We have tried this range and have to say, after much scepticism, that they are extremely tasty, versatile and deserve recognition on any cheese counter.

We are launching a range of cheese flavoured with popular flavours such as pesto, wasabi and even marmalade, for those Paddington enthusiasts amongst you.  Imagine having marmalade cheese on toast for breakfast, jacket potato with pesto or wasabi on a canapé selection.  It begins to make the idea of flavoured cheese even more attractive for those traditionalists amongst you.

Take a look at our exciting new range of flavoured Gouda.  A popular cheese now made with many of the tastes we all enjoy.  Take a look at it on The Food Resource website for more information, prepare to be dazzled!